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Escalator for JIRA

The Escalator for JIRA add-on ensures that you never miss a crucial ticket or update in JIRA.By leveraging unique and fully-customizeable notification criteria and Notification Groups you can notify key staff to issues as soon as they are reported – all via a simple SMS.

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iCal Sync for Outlook

Our iCal Sync Outlook Add-in allows you to sync an infinite number of iCal feeds with Outlook and display a condensed view of upcoming events across all synced iCal feeds right from within the Calendar section of the To-Do bar within Outlook.

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ical sync coming soon

The rounded bowl allows for subtle warming of the beer via heat transfer from the hand, while the inward tapering top captures aromas and enhances the tasting experience.


With a slight taper and large mouth, the Mixing Glass is the workhorse of the American bar scene. Perfect for craft beer, mixed cocktails, and other beverages, including water, soda, iced tea, and lemonade!

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Keep your computer running smoothly, protected from Viruses and all data backed up securely in the cloud!

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Keep your computer running smoothly and protected from Viruses!

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