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Our Backup service provides you with the best way to keep your data safe and secure. Should the worst happen you can always restore your data with just a few clicks of your mouse. We partner with Backblaze to provide you with top-tier cloud backup service for your personal and business devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Once we get you set up we will provide you with a link to install the Backblaze client on your computer(s). Once installed, it will automatically monitor your files and backup changes to the cloud whenever you are connected to the internet. The Backblaze client automatically runs in the background so you can relax knowing your data is safe and secure.

Is my data secure?


Backblaze automatically uses military-grade encryption. Before any data is sent to Backblaze servers it is first encrypted on your computer. The encrypted data is then securely transmitted to a Backblaze data center where they are securely stored. Only your Backblaze email address and password can decrypt your data.

For extra security you can optionally provide a Private Encryption Key. Choosing this option will make it so that no file can ever be recovered without providing your Backblaze email account, password, and Private Encryption Key. If you do use this option be sure to securely store the Private Encryption Key so that you do not lose it.

Can you see the files I am backing up?

It depends…

If you would like us to be able to assist you with file recoveries – yes, we can see the files that you back up. If you are comfortable recovering files yourself – no, we will have no way of seeing the files you back up.

What if I already have a Backblaze account?

No worries! You can still sign up for our service and Backblasze will automatically issue you a credit for your old subscription. Any existing backups will automatically move over to our service with no additional steps for you to perform.

What if I want to back up my business computers?

Not a problem! We can place all of your computers in a single group so that you can easily manage backups and restore files for any computer in your business – all at no additional cost!