Escalator for JIRA

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Don’t Miss Another Critical JIRA Ticket!

Escalator ensures you never miss a crucial ticket or update in JIRA.  Using JQL you can define what issues or conditions you want to generate SMS, Slack, Mattermost or E-Mail notifications.  Additionally you can write custom rules to escalate issues to others in the event that notifications go unacknowledged.  Multiple Notification Groups can be defined on every JIRA project providing the flexibility necessary to support multiple discreet support teams from any single JIRA project.

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Simple Configuration

With only four fields (only one of which is required) the necessary configuration is minimal and you can be up and running in the time it takes you to get a cup of coffee in the morning.

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Custom Tier Groups

Create an unlimited number of tiers with unique users to be alerted. You can define whether each tier is unique or if each tier inherits users from previous tiers.

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Multiple Notification Groups Per Project

You can now define multiple Notification Groups within a single JIRA project. This allows multiple discreet teams to be alerted based on their own unique criteria.

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Multiple Supported Carriers

Send SMS (text messages) via Twilio or E4, Connect to Slack or Mattermost for instant Messaging, or simply configure E-Mail sending so that your staff never misses a critical ticket again.

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